Xbox Cloud Gaming News: Series X Hardware is Live & Expanded PC and iOS Device Availability

Ladies and gentlemen, it's official. Starting today, Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members with Windows 10 PCs and Apple phones and tablets, via browser, across 22 countries.

Game Pass Ultimate members can now play via the cloud without an invite by going to on Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Safari on your PC or mobile devices to start playing 265 games that are available now.

We previously noticed that their had been significant improvements on some games and now Xbox have officially announced that Xbox Cloud gaming is now powered by custom Xbox Series X hardware. They have been updating the Microsoft datacentres around the world with their fastest, most powerful hardware to give us faster load times, improved frame rates, lower latency and now a 1080p stream up to 60fps.

Only one thing left to do now, jump in and start testing out the improvements. Stay tuned for updates.

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