Why I bought Fifa 21 On Google Stadia

Considering I pretty much have easy access to almost all cloud gaming services and an Xbox Series X it may come as quite a surprise that I actually purchased Fifa 21 on Google Stadia for personal use, but hear me out here.

If you watched our recent video on the comparison of the Xbox Series X next-gen version vs Google Stadia at 4k it's clear to see that the Next-Gen and Series X version has the quality advantage.

However, Fifa 21 is not all about the graphics and multiplayer is a whole other issue I'll come onto in a bit.

So let's talk quality - it's no secret that on the CGX channel we would like to see better quality from Stadia, given all its promises we have always felt that it has underdelivered on that front, compared to the next-gen version Stadia doesn't look great, however, compared to the previous generation version, it's pretty much equal, and, to be completely honest, I'm not playing Fifa 21 for its fancy graphics.

So let's get to the main reason, convenience, this is the one thing Stadia has over pretty much every other platform. The fact that I can pick up and Play Fifa 21 on my PC, phone (which I rarely use for gaming to be fair) or the TV, by the way I have 3 TVs with CCU's attached. Stadia just made the most sense. My eldest son (7) also loves Fifa and our lounge that has the only 4K TV in the house, has the Series X attached, he will jump onto Fifa 20 (thanks to game pass and EA Play). This means that unless neither me or my wife are watching TV, can the Series X be used. By purchasing on Stadia, either my son or I can choose between 2 other TVs or a PC to play FIFA on without having to start progress all over again.

Then there's multiplayer, once again it's no secret that Stadia lacks in the multiplayer department, could Fifa 21 be an exception to that rule? Only time will tell, less than a week after launch I saw around 90 players online for various online match modes so I was able to get matches, but also, multiplayer is not a huge draw for me for this type of game, I'm more likely to play local co-op than I would be online especially when there is so much to do in single-player and I'm more of a casual gamer anyway.

So there you have it, that's why I ended up buying Fifa 21 on Stadia instead of waiting for it on game pass or paying the same amount for the next-gen version on the Xbox Series X.

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