Stadia Update - New Pro Games, App Update and more

Stadia continues its steady update rollout process with a fresh batch of Updates and a great lineup of Pro Games, claimable from July 1st

Pro Games

Crayta - Get ready to play a different game

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Steamworld Dig

West of Loathing

More Wireless Support

The mobile app (Android) has finally joined the Stadia Wireless Controller support line up, now you can use your controller wirelessly on Chrome, Chromecast Ultra and Android devices providing you are on the same Wi-Fi Network

Bonus Stadia Controller Discount

You can also get 10% off a new Stadia Controller for a limited time in the Google Store

Doom Eternal - Update 2

A new update has hit Doom Eternal on Stadia bringing with it a new Battlemode arena, new event cosmetics, and Master Collections

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