Stadia News: New Social Marketing Manager, Outcasters Switches Publisher & TWOS Update & More.

Updated: May 22

New Social Marketing Manager at Google Stadia

Yesterday, May 17, @princessology announced she has taken lead on the social presence for Google Stadia as their social marketing manager.

This is a position myself and others feel Stadia could improve on. We hope Stadia's new appointment can hit the ground running and we wish you all the best in your new position.

I have reached out to @princessology for comment on the new position and hope to hear back soon.

Warchester Ltd. Will Become the Publisher for Outcasters on May 31st 2021

Starting on May 31st 2021, the publisher of Outcasters will change from Google LLC to Warchest Ltd.

This switch comes after the game was published by SG&E (Stadia Games & Entertainment) but Google Stadia decided to close down their only first party studio. Warchester Ltd. ( a Splash Damage Company) will now take over as publisher.

You will be greeted with a new EULA to agree to when you next start up the game after May 31st.

Nothing has changed at this point in terms of game availability. It's still fully playable on Stadia, as long as you enjoy playing with bots.

This Week on Stadia...

A rather lacklustre and uninspiring blog post arrived today. Two games have add on content released and there are a number of games on sale in the store.

Gods Will Fall: Valley of the Dormant Gods Part 1 is now available. This is the first of three add-on episodes and you can purchase for $7.99 on the Stadia store.

Outward: The Three Brothers is available now. New weapons, skills, adventures and more are available for $19.99 on the Stadia store.

There are a number of games on sale, check them out here and see if you can pick up a bargain or two... or three.

Outright Games Titles Coming to Stadia?

Outright Games have stated on Twitter they are working to bring games to Stadia.

We are working to bring several of our games to Stadia asap, but we cannot confirm quite yet, as soon as it's certain we will be posting it on our social media channels.

Outright Games work with some of the biggest names in entertainment like Sony Pictures, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network to bring their stories and characters to life across titles such as Jumanji: The Video Game, Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure, Dragons: Dawn of New Riders, Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion and Paw Patrol: On A Roll.

Fantastic news to see these types of games potentially coming to the platform and Stadia appears on the ESRB ratings board for Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure.