Stadia News: June Pro Games, Free Play Days Return & Destiny 2 Cross-play Beta Available Now.

Updated: May 27

Four games are heading to Stadia Pro, June 1st.

  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III - The game plays as a traditional JRPG with turn based battles. Part of the Trails series, itself a part of the larger Legend of Heroes franchise.

  • MotoGP20 - The advanced Neural AI 2.0 will give you a greater single player experience in this edition.

  • Blue Fire - An extraordinary journey awaits you in this marvellous 3D platformer.

  • Chronos: Before the Ashes - An atmospheric RPG in which every time you die you age a year...

Leaving Pro on May, 31st is Reigns. Make sure and claim so you don't lose out.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is going free to play for Stadia pro members. From 8 AM PT Thursday May 27 to 10 AM PT Monday, May 31. To carry on playing after Monday, you will have to purchase the game in the Stadia store as this is not part of your Stadia Pro subscription.

From May 25th until May 27, a Vanguard Strikes Cross-Play Beta playlist will be available to all Destiny 2 players. You'll be able to matchmake with guardians from PC, Xbox & PlayStation.

I expect cross-play to be fully implemented for the beginning of season 15, August 2021.

The Street Fighter Pack for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid featuring Ryu and Chun-Li is now available on Stadia. The Street Fighter Pack contains:

  • Ryu, Crimson Hawk Ranger

  • Chun-Li, Blue Phoenix Ranger

  • Angel Grove Class of 93 skins for both characters

You can buy it today in the Stadia store for $12.50 USD.

The Super Edition will launch today for $49.99 USD on the Stadia store. Upgrade Kits to the Super Edition will also be available to those who already own Battle for the Grid.

A new expansion is available now on Stadia. Phoenix Point: Festering Skies includes new air-to-air combat mechanics, colossal enemies and more. Purchase in the Stadia store now for $9.99 USD.

The Resident Evil Chapter is coming to Dead by Daylight on June 15th. It includes a Killer, The Nemesis. Two survivors, Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine and a new map of the iconic Raccoon City police station.

As always, there are a number of games on sale to pro and non pro members, in the Stadia Store.

Still no Ark: Survival Evolved or Mafia Trilogy. Don't have the foggiest clue what is happening with these games amongst many others that were announced last year but have yet to make an appearance.