Stadia News: ARK: Survival Evolved Stealth Drops on Stadia Pro + More!

Five games are now live for you to claim as part of your Stadia Pro subscription and one game that was set to leave pro will be hanging around for some time yet. We have a free play weekend upcoming, Ubisoft+ is now available in more countries and more than 20 indie games are on sale right now.

Today Stadia dropped another 2 games into the pro library; ARK: Survival Evolved & Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager. Both these games come in addition to the previously announced Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition, Little Big Workshop & Wave Break. You can head to the store and claim all 5 games right now as part of your pro subscription.

Staying on the subject of Stadia Pro; Blue Fire was announced as leaving pro last month but that will no longer be the case. The game will remain for quite a while yet they say.

Free play days return this weekend. Watch Dogs: Legion will be available for pro members to play for free from 9 am PT Friday, September 3 through until 7 am PT Monday, September 6th. To continue playing after the free play days end you will have to purchase the game in the store, currently priced at $60 or play via your Ubisoft+ subscription.

Speaking of Ubisoft+, that leads us to our next piece of Stadia news. Ubisoft’s subscription service is now available in every country Stadia is available in. Come September 30th there will be a price change for the service. It’s going up to $17.99 per month from the current $14.99. If you are already a subscriber you will continue to only pay $14.99. Unless cancelled and reactivated at a later date, only then will you pay the new monthly price.

You can now change your Stadia handle folks. Instructions below. Pretty straightforward. Select your avatar, select Stadia name and avatar and click change your name. This option will not appear if you have changed your name within the 180 day period but you can contact support if you require a change beforehand.

If you never claimed your $10 discount during the last promotion you should get an email dropping soon informing you that you have 10 dollars or pounds to use towards your next Stadia store purchase. This offer is only available to active or former stadia pro subscribers who never redeemed a similar offer between the end of 2020 into early 2021. And as you see below, the offer is available in all countries that Stadia is available in.

Let’s wrap up the Stadia news this week with a wee look at the current Indie games sale. Hello Engineer - early access is coming in around £16. Little Nightmares Complete Edition is only £6. This includes the full game and Secrets of The Maw Expansion. Lost words beyond the page is just under £8 and Spiritfarer comes in at a lovely looking £12.

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