Stadia News: 6 Months of Stadia Pro with AT&T, Stadia on iOS Update and Grime Release Date.

Stadia & AT&T have partnered to give qualifying customers 6 months of Stadia Pro for free. Customers who sign up for an AT&T Fibre plan or get a 5G smartphone on an eligible AT&T unlimited wireless plan will qualify for the promotion.

For more information visit:

Stadia has now officially left the experimental phase on iOS devices. The new version is rolling out and features a new mobile-optimised resolution setting.

Those looking to use Stadia on iPhone or iPad will have to add the Progressive Web App to their home screen. Once you are logged in and on the Stadia site use the share sheet and click "add to home screen."

Grime was announced back in April as coming soon to Stadia. Yesterday, Stadia uploaded and tweeted a video which contained a release date for the game. The video and the tweet are now gone and have been replaced by the above "Grime Walkthrough" video instead.

The original date on yesterday's video stated "July 19" was the release date. I am now uncertain if this will be the official release date since it has been removed. Possibly someone just jumped the gun and maybe we will here more nearer the time.

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