Sony Attempting to Patent Widely Used Cloud Gaming Technology

Updated: May 22

PlayStation recently announced improvements and upgrades to their cloud streaming service, PS Now. The upgrades have saw the streaming quality rise from 720p to full 1080p high definition for some games.

While they continue to make improvements a recent patent has been submitted by SONY INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT INC titled: WO2021092477 - EDGE COMPUTE PROXY FOR CLOUD GAMING AND 5G.

Basically, Sony are attempting to patent an edge computing technology that is already widely used by cloud gaming and cloud computing companies around the world.

Edge computing is a distributed computing paradigm that brings computation and data storage closer to the location where it is needed to improve response times and save bandwidth.

This technology has been used since the late 1990s and reading through the claims on the patent document, I fail to see exactly what they are doing that is any different to anyone else.

1. A method, comprising:
executing a cloud video game in a data centre;
streaming video generated by the executing cloud video game over a network to a client device;
deploying a cloud gaming proxy to an edge compute that is proximate to the client device;
wherein the cloud gaming proxy buffers the video and retransmits lost packets of the video to the client device.

If by some miracle this patent is granted, competitors using the same technology will be blocked from using it if they do not fess up on the royalties.

This isn't new. In fact it seems to be common practice from the likes of Sony, Apple, Samsung, etc.

Sony are, as I would say, chancing their luck with this one.

Nonetheless, improved streaming quality for PS Now would be fantastic as my experience has been rather lacklustre so far.