Shadow PC News: Shadow VR Heads Into Beta & Amsterdam Data Centre Set For Shutdown.

Shadow VR Now in Beta

Shadow VR is finally officially here, kind of. During the last few months, they have been working hard on their VR app and the beta version is available right now. We've come a long way since the Shadow VR Exploration Program.

We already managed to get VR working on Shadow via a fairly simple method but with the team working to refine the experience thanks to everyone's feedback and testing I really hope this is a smoother experience.

Below you will find links for the Windows and macOS tutorials. Stay tuned to our CGX VR channel for more on this in the coming weeks as we will put this beta to the test and quite frankly make a much easier to follow tutorial than these;

Shadow VR Beta: Windows Tutorial

Shadow VR Beta: macOS Tutorial

Amsterdam Data Centre Set To Close

The Amsterdam data centre currently covers the Netherlands and Germany. Until a week ago, there was a huge activation backlog. All free slots in Amsterdam have been filled up, but new hardware has not arrived. Activations for Amsterdam users started a few days ago in the Paris data centre. The estimated activation time for German and Dutch users is now 3 hours, as users are activated in Paris, where the activation time is also 3 hours. Extra storage is available for users in Paris too. It is planned to shut down the Amsterdam datacentre in the future. It will be replaced by an OVH data centre but no timeframe has been released to say when.

In Case You Missed It

It's been a while since I wrote anything meaningful surrounding Shadow so here's everything that's happened recently...

Shadow Ghost Discontinued

The Shadow Ghost has been removed from all account pages. Users will no longer be able to order a Shadow Ghost, and people who signed up to receive notification of Shadow Ghost availability will not receive that email as the device is no longer being manufactured. All existing Ghosts will continue to be able to connect to the Shadow services for now.

Light Out in Chicago

The last users have been migrated out of Chicago. The servers are offline now. The Chicago data centre has been removed from the status page and is now no longer a part of Shadow anymore. You can check the updated coverage map here:

All users who have been in Chicago before are now in a different Shadow US datacenter. New York and Texas are the closest to Chicago and is a safe place for all the people affected by the shutdown. This is planned to be a (temporary) solution or compromise until new OVH sites go live. All users affected have received an email a while ago, explaining where they have been migrated, and where they will finally be migrated (if they are being migrated again).

USB over IP on Monterey

Good News for all the people who updated their system to macOS Monterey! A fix for the USB over IP drivers has been deployed to the alpha version of Shadow.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite has been added to the list of games that S