Shadow PC News: Price Increase for Boost Tier, Ultra & Infinite Tiers are Gone.

Updated: May 25

We finally have a long awaited update from Shadow PC since their recent takeover. Malte, senior community manager, hosted a live news stream on their Twitch channel. Malte was accompanied by Yannis, who is described as the "Shadow Updater" due to the several positions he has held over the last 5 years with the company.

The live news feed was improperly structured and it took some time to decipher the information we have now. I hope going forward they can structure their updates in a far more clear and concise manner.

News Update Summary

The first and most notable change is the price increase. The Boost tier is now going to cost 29.99 starting from June. The new 29.99 price is the same across all currencies due to the fact in America, VAT isn't included in the complete price, whereas it is in Europe.

Users will be contacted with this update in the coming days, if not already. You will have the opportunity to walk away from your commitment if you are unhappy with the changes.

From the beginning of June, no commitment will be necessary. You will be able to subscribe without a minimum sign up term. So if you are activated and it doesn't suit you, you can cancel and only lose that months payment. Be aware, however, that the current waiting list for Boost activations is approximately one year for European users and possibly longer in America.

Ultra and Infinite tiers are now gone. Boost will be the only service they provide going forward. Their is an exception to this though. Some European user's still have access to their Ultra and Infinite subscriptions and that will remain so. No talk about a price increase for these members but they did say if someone drops off any of those tiers then they will offer their position to someone who has been waiting to join. Ultra is currently priced at 44.99 and Infinite is 54.99.

Yannis claimed during the live news stream that they are aiming to fulfil current orders by the end of 2021. This may well be possible in Europe as Shadow subscribers still on the Ultra and Infinite tiers are being served by the OVH Cloud servers. OVH is the company that new owner, Octave Klaba, already runs. Very successfully I may add.

America may be a different story. Shadow recently had to let go of some of their servers in the US based data centres and had to downgrade all US users to their Boost tier. This was due to them having to return stock to 2CRSi that they had leased but could not pay for, proving as we feared, that the business model at the time was unsustainable. This is what initially led them into bankruptcy, and brings us to where we are now.

The changes are an attempt to get back on track towards a more sustainable and profitable future. One change will see them no longer custom build the hardware. Instead, they will source through 3rd party vendors. This is a wise move and will be more cost effective for the business. The hardware upgrades do not have a timeframe right now but Yannis did say they will update in stages as and when the hardware becomes available.

RTX and other upgrades will be available as add-ons to the base (Boost) subscription in the future as and when they are available.

You can still purchase additional storage at the same price as you did before. The website still claims: "if storage is available, you can order up to 2TB of storage in increments of 256GB."

Shadow Boost Tech Specs

A question that will more than likely be asked over and over in the coming days and weeks: "what do I get for the price increase?"

As of right now the Boost specs remain as they were:

GPU - GeForce GTX 1080 (or equivalent)

Processor - 4 cores/8 threads

Memory - 12GB

Storage - 256GB SSD (upgradeable up to 2 TB HDD)

Operating System - Windows 10 64-bit.

Already we have a lot of unhappy customers. No one likes a price increase. One thing, and I cant stress this enough, to consider is the fact we were underpaying for the service until now.

If you take a look at other services with similar specifications then you will find yourself paying much more on a monthly basis than what you will with Shadow even after the increased price.

Another example would be the fact if you financed an equivalent performing piece of hardware on your own, then Shadow is still cheaper over the yearly period. If what they claim is true, upgrading of hardware over time, then you don't need to worry about forking out for that and fighting for low stock supplies.

I am by no means defending the way they have ran the company until this point as it was a complete and utter disaster. I am, also, by no means an expert in business but it was blatantly obvious the running of the company was unsustainable.

They are at least addressing their previous failings and here's hoping they stick around as they have developed fantastic tech and we don't want to see it fail that's for sure.

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