Shadow PC News: Activations Underway Once Again + New Hardware Testing For 30 Series GPU's

Updated: Aug 17

It's been a rough year for Shadow Cloud Computing users. From the bankruptcy filings to the takeover to the price increase we haven't had a lot to cheer about. The company went radio silent whilst all of this was happening and we have been left wondering what's next?

I have good news to share today. The first positive step in this next chapter is seemingly underway. According to Mr Klaba, now the owner of Shadow, they have started activating clients once again. He shared this in a tweet not long ago.

He references the fact some have been waiting for almost 2 years and that the first 10,000 is done.

"We continue to empty the backlog of waiting customers and then we reactivate the real-time command."

If my Google Translate has done this properly the above quote should mean that after the backlog of customers has been reactivated we should be able to turn up to the website, sign up and have instant access.

According to the Shadow website, November 29, 2021, is the soonest I will get access. This could come down significantly if the backlog of activations is worked through quicker than expected.

To put this to the test, I have signed up. Roll on November 29th so I can finally try out this service for the first time. Who knows, I might even be activated sooner but November 2021 looks far better than any time in 2022.

New Hardware Updates Coming September/October

One of the biggest gripes during Shadow's new chapter was the rise in price without any major upgrades. Asking consumers to pay double for the same product was always a big risk. One that was necessary to keep the lights on though.

As of yesterday, Mr Klaba gave us the first glimpse of hope regarding hardware updates.

"ALPHA racks with RTX A4K (3070) and RTX A6K (3090) are scheduled for Sep / Oct."

Mr Klaba was asked on Twitter about news regarding new offers for the Shadow product and as you see above he suggests that new 30 series hardware options are currently in testing.

If I have read this properly this time I believe the new hardware will move to server tests in September/October and afterwards they will look to accumulate a bigger bulk of GPU's with more testing to be done before finally releasing to Shadow users in some shape or form.