Shadow News: Shadow PC Begins Shut Down - Goodbye Infinite and Ultra!

As previously reported Shadow PC are now under new command after HubiC, fronted by OVH Cloud founder Octave Klaba, were granted authority to purchase Blade from the French commercial court.

In a disappointing start to this new journey, prior partnership agreements have changed, and they must now let go of some of their servers in the US based data centres.

This information is coming from official emails being sent out to current US Infinite and Ultra users.

Shadow Infinite and Ultra subscribers are being converted to Shadow Boost tiers by May 20th.

What does this mean for Shadow Infinite and Ultra subscribers in the US?

By Thursday May 20th:

  • You will have access to a Shadow Boost configuration for $14.99 per month, with a month-to-month plan.

  • Your primary storage and data (256 GB) remains intact, but the surplus additional storage provided with Ultra and Infinite will be removed and the data erased.

  • Your additional storage paid add-ons will remain, but the data stored will be erased. Once erased, you can access your additional storage slot(s) once again.

  • Your current subscription being more expensive than Shadow Boost, you will be credited with the difference*.

**Please back up the data located on your additional storage disc before May 20 to avoid any data loss**

BrittaneyFromShadow_, the r/ShadowPC community manager had this to say about the news:

I understand your frustration and disappointment. But we had to make this decision for legal reasons and give you time to back up your data before this happens. Once we figure out how to move forward from here, we'll share this information with you. We're hoping to use this as a way to help us progress and build a sustainable business in the long run.
If you have any further questions or wish to cancel, please reach out to our support team who will be happy to assist you further.

If the news coming out of the US wasn't bad enough we then go on to find out that Shadow subscribers in Korea have been sent an email confirming that the Korean servers will be shut down completely on May 24.

We can now surmise that the relationship Shadow were building with LG will be terminated much like the server is to be.

This has not been officially confirmed at time of writing but no one is denying this is the case either.

The optimists, like myself, will most likely be looking elsewhere unless we some sort of future plans that can match the optimism we once had.