Microsoft's renewed focus on cloud gaming may bring us "cloud-native games" in the future.

Peter Wyse, Xbox Game Studios publishing head, has said in a recent interview with Polygon;

"The company's next big goal is to create cloud-native games. We don't know exactly what that looks like today, or what that even plays like."

This is really interesting and exciting. "Cloud-native games" is why I bought into cloud gaming to begin with and specifically, gaming on Google Stadia. They dangled the carrot in front of us, that at the time, wasn't being dangled by any one else before cruelly snatching it away so soon.

With the closure of Stadia Games & Entertainment it seems Xbox have picked up the mantle and are looking to build upon what Google started.

So much so they have acquired Portal and Left 4 Dead developer, Kim Swift. Swift used to be a game design director at Google Stadia before they shut up shop on their first party studio.

According to Wyse;

“Kim is going to build a team focused on new experiences in the cloud, something that’s going to support our mission of bringing our Xbox games to connect 3 billion gamers to play our games”

I will acknowledge some outlets and social media personalities have brought to light the rumour that this new "cloud-native game" is in collaboration with Hideo Kojima, who was also reportedly working with Stadia at one time also to bring a similar "cloud-native game" to the platform.

This has never been truly confirmed unfortunately so let's read the rumours with a pinch of salt.

With Xbox renewed focus on cloud gaming and the roadmap they have set out it's hard not to be excited about the potential. Xbox head, Phil Spencer, continuously speaks about inclusivity for gamers. Wanting to reach as many as 3 billion gamers through console, PC, mobile and now cloud.

The recently released plans for Xbox Cloud Gaming are the fruits of this labour they have been preaching for some time now. Updated hardware for a better gaming experience is coming in the form of Xbox Series X blades being installed into their data centres. The new streaming device they are building will allow many people to game without an expensive console. Moving into new territories to reach more users will only help.

This is all providing the experience they give us in the future is a marked improvement on what I have tried so far. Xbox cloud gaming has been very inconsistent so hopefully they can iron out the creases and give us all a great cloud gaming experience and in years to come, that "cloud-native game" we hope and dream of that has never been done before.