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Its been no secret for anyone that uses or follows Shadow, that there have been issues with the Riot Anti-Cheat system for Valorant, which prevents Shadow users from launching the game.

While Shadow have been struggling to get Riots attention on this matter, users have taken to twitter to start the Free Valorant Shadow movement, so if you are looking to play Valorant on Shadow, be sure to tweet @PlayValorant with #FreeValorantShadow

Activation Update:

  • Paris - Still up and down, check your email or account for the latest date for your activation

  • Amsterdam - Pre order up till April 30 for Boost should be activated by June 8, Ultra and Infinite still on target for the "End of Summer"

  • California - Paused on Activations due to a technical issue. Activations are planned to start again on June 15, pre-orders up till may 25 will be activated June 15 - June 19, everyone else by end of June.

  • Santa Clara,Dallas, New York, Chicago - Pre orders up tilll May 25 will be updated by end of June. June pre-orders will be activated in July.

In other news, Shadow has a new forum which can be found here they are also looking to improve communication around activations and create a new forum sections specifically to cover activation news and updates.

Apple iOS Beta on Testflight with keyboard and mouse support for iPhone and iPad. Should be live on the store in the next week, also in the update:

  • Playstation extended compatibility - Improved PS4 controller support

  • Connection issues have been adressed

  • Switching between foreground and background caused the app to crash - Fixed

  • iPad users were stuck at 12 FPS, this has been fixed and now can select up to 120 FPS

Shadow Ghost has Landed in France and sent to the shipping partner, so Ghost pre-orders are on their way, check your email for updates.

Exciting news, the Shadow PC community team will be expanding with 3 new members in the next week or two, more news to come soon.

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