Is Uplay+ coming to Stadia or Rainbow 6: Quarantine?

We have had multiple reports of Ubisoft Play Test emails going out for a Play Test between June 10 and June 23 for a minimum of 1 6 hour session. That is pretty heavy going for a single play session.

Uplay June Playtest

With the Ubisoft Forward event coming up on July 12, there is a lot of speculation if the acclaimed Uplay+ will finally drop on Stadia, opening up a huge range of titles to Stadia and those that have already subscribed to the Ubisoft service.

While this is something that we have been personally waiting for since it was announced at the beginning of 2020, there is something else it could be, which is not as exciting, but still could be huge for Stadia.

Rainbow 6: Quarantine is currently in Beta for PC, PS4 and Xbox, but the official site does not show Stadia as a platform at present, which is a surprise given Ubisofts existing commitment to Stadia and the potential for Stream Connect that would be a huge advantage in the game for anyone playing on Stadia.

Rainbow 6 Siege is currently avaiable to play via GeForce NOW from multiple stores, so you would hope that even if it doesn't come to Stadia, that Rainbow 6: Quarantine should be availble on GeForce NOW at least.

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