GeForce NOW news - They just keep adding games!

Here we go again with the another Game Ready on GeForce Now updates! Yesterday our dear Cory from Nvidia informed that 9 games will be added to their cloud gaming service this week, but today thanks to our friends from we just found out that two more titles got added! Here is the list:

  • Control Ultimate Edition (new - Steam & Epic Games Store)

  • Surgeon Simulator 2 (new game - Epic Games Store)

  • Struggling Origins (new - Steam)

  • Metamorphosis (released just 2 weeks ago - Steam)

  • HITMAN (free on Epic Games Store — Aug 27-Sept 3)

  • Shadowrun Collection (free on Epic Games Store — Aug 27-Sept 3)

  • Shadowrun Returns

  • Shadowrun - Dragonfall

  • Shadowrun - Hong Kong

  • Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry (Uplay)

  • Blasphemous

  • Rayman Origins (Uplay)

I don't know what you guys think but that looks like a nice week to me, and I don't know why but I got the feeling that some other games such as "Windbound" and "Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars" might be added before this week ends, lets see... :)

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