GeForce NOW News: New GFN Rewards Upcoming, Swords of Legends Online Amongst 10 New Games This Week.

This week’s GeForce Now Thursday blog is heavily focused on multiplayer games. 3 of the 10 games being onboarded this week are as such and we also have 3 day and date releases as well, one of which is the new highly anticipated action MMORPG Swords of Legends Online.

The blog kicks off this week reiterating that playing on GeForce Now means playing the real PC versions of games from Steam, Epic Games, Ubisoft Connect and GOG and that low-powered rigs are no longer a problem.

We then get a reminder that we aren’t just playing with other GFN members but the millions of PC gamers out there whether we are on low-end PC’s, Mac’s, Chromebook’s, Shield TV’s, Android or iOS devices.

It’s a great reminder of how massive the community actually is and how easy it is to pick up and play no matter where and no matter which device.

Continuing on this subject, simply searching “multiplayer” in-app brings up over 400 games for you to choose from. A good number of these games are completely free to play as well like CS: GO, Fortnite, Destiny 2, World of Tanks and many more.

Multiplayer is a big deal for many gamers, it’s just how it is these days and it’s great to see NVIDIA take the opportunity to highlight this in their weekly blog post.

GeForce Now Rewards Program

This program has given members special in-game skins and items, trial offers for services like Discord Nitro, and even special access to closed betas like Amplitude Studios’ upcoming


If you haven’t done so already here’s how to get set up;

  1. Log into your account.

  2. Click the "GeForce NOW tab"

  3. Scroll down and click the "update rewards settings" button

  4. Make sure you have checked the box to opt-in and click "update settings"

Make sure this is checked as some great rewards are coming up that you don’t want to miss out on.

GFN Thursday Highlight

My highlight this week is Swords of Legends Online. This is coming same-day release to GFN, July 9th and will be available from the Steam & Epic Game Stores for around £35.

Swords of Legends Online is an action MMORPG set in the breathtaking fantasy world of Shenzhou with sophisticated combat mechanics and a unique storyline based on Chinese mythology. Explore the world with 6 different classes;

  • The Spellsword blends deadly swordplay and powerful magic.

  • The Reaper blurs the boundaries between life and death.

  • The Summoner unleashes ancient spells and summons natural sprites.

  • The Bard uses magic to hit their foes from a distance or provide support and succour to their allies with powerful healing.

  • The Berserker wields massive swords and calls upon a loyal wolf to support them.

  • The Spearmaster has lighting fast attacks and deadly precision.

Experience a fast-paced and dynamic action combat system. Put your wide variety of skills to the test and chain together clever combos against your opponents. Switch easily between powerful and light attacks, all while enjoying the silky smooth animations. The system places a panoply of mystical skills at your disposal for you to continually hone and improve in adrenaline-pumping encounters.

The game includes an extensive and elaborate housing system. Build your home on your very own floating island and set the tone for your residence. Put your heart and soul into decorating it with all the fine trappings, or get your green thumbs dirty in the garden. A huge range of furnishings and options lie at your disposal.

Cover huge distances in Shenzhou on the back of your mount. You can choose from a huge selection of fantastic beasts, taking to the heavens to visit your friends’ islands. Feast your eyes on the breathtaking landscapes as you glide through the heavens – or dive onto unsuspecting enemies!

9 More Games Coming This Week

First up and already available is Ys IX: Monstrum NOX.

Play as any of the six notorious Monstrum, each with their own unique Gifts that grant abilities such as scaling sheer walls or detecting hidden objects to protect the city from shadowy creatures.

Explore the massive city, accept quests to aid the townsfolk, and enter the Grimwald Nox to vanquish the threats to Baldur.

This released on the 6th and is available in the Steam and Epic Game Stores for £50.

Prepare to set sail… Through the skies! Black Skylands is the first video game in the skypunk genre that combines elements of Open World, Sandbox, Top-Down Shooter and Action/Adventure.

This game will release in early access on July 9th from Steam with no price indicated as yet.

Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront is aimed to convey the realism that strategy players have always desired: Historically accurate visuals and locations, no health bars, no simplifications, no shortcuts taken. Offering unrivalled immersion to give the most legitimate WWII RTS/RTT to date. If you have long been waiting for a game that depicts the daring stories read in the books and you crave a platform that allows you to recreate the battles you imagined from documentaries, then look no further.

Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront is priced around £30 in the Steam store.

Enter a dynamic universe, where each world is unique - no two ever the same. In Crowfall, player choices have an immediate impact and can change the world, forever. Explore a vast territory, battle a variety of powerful creatures and enemies, lay claim to valuable resources. Or, conquer enemy strongholds, rule an Empire, or ruthlessly lead a band of armed mercenaries into battle. You have the power to manipulate the tide of battle by activating a late-stage strategy that reverses the outcome in the final seconds of the fight --- winner takes all in the Throne War.

Crowfall comes from its native launcher and the game price begins at £46.99

A faithful priest of the Orthogonal order, exiled unto death for a crime in defence of another, you live again in a small boat, adrift in a swamp. A stranger ferries you to solid ground and bestows upon you vague instructions, along with a mysterious staff and book. Go forth, pious priest, alleviate suffering, uncover deceptions, and smash the eldritch perversions encroaching upon reality itself.

Action, mystery, and a chance for redemption await you in the gritty action first-person puzzler GRAVEN. Explore a dark fantasy world as a wrongly convicted man of faith. Battle the horrors of humanity, the wilds, and beyond using the environment, magic, and armaments.

Pick this one up in early access from Steam or Epic Games for around £20.

Ironcast is set in an exciting alternative history; a time when refined men and women in top hats and bonnets commanded gigantic walking war machines, laying waste to the enemies of the British Empire! Take control of a 7-meter tall walking vehicle called an Ironcast and face off against an invading force of enemy Ironcast in order to defend 1880's Victorian England.

Battles are fought by generating resource nodes which in turn drive the Ironcast's various weapons and systems. You must choose how to spend these nodes wisely, either offensively in order to cripple and destroy your opponents, or defensively, if they suspect a barrage of incoming weapons fire is due.

No price on this in the Epic Games Store just yet and no price either, unfortunately.

Mankind has been eradicated by climate change, nuclear war, and pandemics. Will your team of mutants survive the Zone? Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a tactical adventure game combining turn-based combat with real-time exploration, storey, stealth, and strategy.

From a team including former designers of HITMAN and PAYDAY comes Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, a tactical game that combines the turn-based combat of XCOM with real-time stealth and exploration of a post-human world reclaimed by nature... and Mutants.

Of course, the world ends.

Now it’s over and the Earth is still. Nature has invaded ruined cities. Wind sweeps through empty streets, turned into graveyards.

The humans are all gone. Scavenging through the remains of civilization are the Mutants, deformed humanoids and animals alike, searching for salvation or just something to eat. To survive, you and your companions must venture out to explore the Zone.

Available from Epic Games for £30.

Hordes of crazed out-of control bunnies have invaded, enslaving Rayman and forcing him to participate in gladiator-style trials. Help Rayman win his freedom back by entertaining and outwitting these fury foes. Use the most hilarious fighting moves imaginable. Run races on animals, fight in the arena, mesmerize the bunnies with your dance moves, throw cows, milk pigs or engage in plunger shooting madness! The possibilities for fun are endless.

Pick up Rayman Raving Rabbids from either Steam or Ubisoft Connect for around £5.

The final game this week is Wushu Chronicles and that’s about as much as I can tell you, as the English language is not supported in-game or on the Steam page. I wish I could tell you more but I know nothing of the Chinese language unfortunately folks, sorry about that.

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