GeForce NOW News: Fortnite Rips Off Among Us, GFN Rewards, Release Highlights & 9 More Games

This week's GeForce NOW news brings us Fortnite's new game mode which rips off Among Us. GFN Rewards for Eternal Return players. Version 2.0.33 release highlights & nine more games including 4 day & date releases.

Fortnite Blatantly Rips Off Among Us

The new “Imposters” mode was released on August 17th and you can play in matches between four and ten players of Agents versus Imposters on a brand new map called - The Bridge. Agents win by completing minigame assignments to fill their progress bar or revealing all Impostors hiding among the team by calling discussions and voting out suspicious behaviour. While keeping their identity a secret, up to two Impostors will seek to eliminate enough Agents to overtake The Bridge. They can hide their status by completing assignments, which will benefit the progress of the Agent team and have sneaky sabotage abilities to create chaos.

I know what you’re all thinking, yes this is exactly what Among Us plays out like and yes Fortnite has ripped them off big time with this new game mode. To the point where I don’t even have any words to describe such shithousery.

GFN Rewards

This week the GeForce NOW rewards program is bringing us a custom skin and custom emote for Eternal Return. Here’s how to sign up for rewards if you haven’t already; head over to and sign in. Click the GeForce NOW tab along the top menu bar. Select Update Rewards Settings and make sure you have the check box filled out.

Version 2.0.33 112 Release Highlights

What’s new in version 2.0.33;

  • Windows and macOS app users should see a better streaming experience. The new release will help to reduce stutter while maintaining low latency for networks with high packet loss.

Some changes have been made for members who use the service via Chrome browsers;

  • First up are some tweaks that should result in less frequent resolution drops.

  • Next, they have worked some magic for members who have poor wifi connections which should have you streaming games without any significant pauses.

Fit and finish updates this time around include;

  • An exclusive badge for founders members

  • The microphone will automatically be disabled when the app is running in the background.

  • The app’s desktop icon has been updated on macOS to match the latest design guidelines.

  • App startup time has been reduced again.

  • Some minor improvements have been made to the client IME icons and keyboard lists.

Bug Fixes;

  • Fixed a problem that prevented you from resuming your game session if a critical app update was performed when you were streaming a game.

  • The end of game session tips no longer hide the in-game overlay statistics.