GeForce NOW News: Biomutant Among 22 Game Releases + Updates & More DLC.

Updated: May 29

GFN Thursday is back and this week we have 5 day-and-date releases amongst a further 22 game arrivals. Support for three new game DLCs and an update on the process. Eight games have unfortunately failed to appear as planned this month.

GeForce NOW ensures our games are automatically updated in a number of ways. Typically this takes a few minutes but in some cases can take longer depending if the game supports a certain type of patching.

Different types of Patching

Three types of patching occur on GeForce NOW:

  • On-seat patching allows us to play our games as-is while the patch is downloading in the background. Meaning we're always game ready.

  • Offline patching happens for games that don’t support on-seat patching. GFN's automated software system downloads the patch on the backend then updates. Offline patching can take minutes to hours.

  • Distributed patching is a quicker type of patching. Specific bits are downloaded and installed, instead of the entire game (100 GB or so). GFN then finish updating and copy them onto the server. Typically this takes 30 minutes or less.

GeForce NOW continues to work with game developers requesting patch updates before releasing on PC, allowing for real-time preparations in the cloud, resulting in zero wait for us gamers.

Three Games with New DLC on Geforce NOW.

Hunt Showdown - The Committed DLC contains one Legendary Hunter (Monroe), a Legendary knife (Pane) and a Legendary Romero 77 (Lock and Key). It’s available on Steam, so members can start hunting now.

Isle of Siptah, the massive expansion to the open world survival game Conan Exiles, is exiting early access and releasing on Steam today. It features a vast new island to explore, huge and vile new creatures to slay, new building sets and a host of new features. Gamers have 40 new NPC camps and points of interest to explore, three new factions of NPCs, new ways of acquiring thralls and much more.

Iron Harvest – Operation Eagle, the new expansion to the critically acclaimed world of Iron Harvest set in the alternate reality of 1920, is available on Steam and streaming with GeForce NOW. Guide the new faction through seven new single-player missions, while learning how to use the game’s new Aircraft units across all of the game’s playable factions, including Polania, Saxony and Rusviet.

22 Games Arrive this Week, 5 of Which are Day-and-Date Releases.

Members can look forward to the following:

Failure to Launch...

8 games that were planned for release never quite made it this month. This was due to technical issues and unfortunately I do not have a time frame for release so we will have to just look for the following arriving soon:

  • Beyond Good & Evil (Steam)

  • Child of Light (Russia) (Ubisoft Connect)

  • Hearts of Iron III (Steam)

  • King's Bounty: Dark Side (Steam)

  • Sabotaj (Steam)

  • Super Mecha Champions (Steam)

  • Thea: The Awakening (Steam)

  • Tomb Raider Legend (Steam)

That is all I got for this weeks GFN Thursday update. Make sure to keep an eye on all of out social channels for the latest cloud gaming news, tech reviews, comparisons and gameplay.

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