Fire Power Gaming will be Ceasing Trading Temporarily.

An email is being sent out to Fire Power Cloud users today that states:

We regret to inform you that Fire Power Gaming will be ceasing trading temporarily for a number of reasons. This is limited to just the gaming side of Fire Power Cloud and this WILL NOT have any impact on The Office Boxes.

The reasons for their decision is pretty damning and gives an insight into the difficulties these companies have been facing in the last 18 months or so.

The biggest issues, as you may expect, are the mass shortages of hardware, shipping issues and the rise in GPU Mining. Add to this the influx of orders they have had due to all the aforementioned issues and you have a tall task on your hands to keep up demand.

Fire Power Cloud say they are not terminating the service forever, instead, they are reworking the structure and the products they offer. This includes a change of data centre, upgraded hardware, in house panels and staff in more locations.

If you are using an Office Box, you will not be affected at this time.

What does this mean for current & potential customers?

New Customers

As of today they are no longer accepting anymore new orders for Fire Boxes.

Pre Orders

Your order will be submitted for a full refund and will be processed automatically to the payment method used. There is no need to submit a ticket as this is an automated process.

Current Customers

At the end of your current billing date your service will be terminated and any payments made to us after this will be automatically refunded. Check your current date in the Dashboard and backup any important data before this date. All of your data will be securely erased and will be unrecoverable so ensure anything important is removed from there machines. If your termination date is within the next 48 hours (2 days) a 2 day courtesy period will be added to your account to provide adequate time to backup your data.

Sponsored Customers

Sponsored customer services will be terminated in 72 hours, open a support ticket if you require extra time to remove your data from the Fire Power Cloud machines.

The email ends on an apologetic note with a hint of optimism that version 2 will be back and better than the last:

We’re sorry for the bad news but keep your eyes peeled for Fire Power Gaming V2, it’s going to be bigger and better than ever before. For any concerns please open a support ticket.

Another disappointing news piece from the world of virtual PC's. Recent struggles during the pandemic have hit these companies extremely hard and I really hope we see them back up and running in the future as there is a place in the market for them. The problem is the market just isn't big enough right now for so many companies to fight for such a small share.

Who knows what the immediate future holds, one thing is certain, the future is in the clouds.

Copy of email sent to customers.