Cloud Gaming News Recap: Stadia, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Amazon Luna, GeForce Now, Boosteroid & Shadow PC

Stadia News

Stadia Pro games for May:

*One more game TBA Tuesday 04/05/2021

Resident Evil Village demo is available now. Jump in quick though as this 60 minute timed demo is only available until 5 PM PT, May 9.

Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager is available in the Stadia store for $19.99.

Serious Sam 4 has been updated to include State Share.

Stadia began rolling out a search bar and an updated UI for sorting your library. You can also now delete multiple captures at once. They teased us with a new Activity Feed feature which is slated to be coming soon. The Activity Feed lets you show off your best video captures and helps friends find you game states with State Share.

Xbox Cloud Gaming News

Xbox continues to send out invites to PC & iOS users to take part in the beta program.

Games added to the library this week:

  • Second Extinction

  • Destroy All Humans

  • Fable III

  • Fable Anniversary

Dragon Quest Builders 2 was announced for cloud and is coming May 4th.

GeForce NOW News

Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition is coming to GeForce Now, day & date, May 6.

Here is the full list of RTX features coming to the PC Enhanced Edition:

  • Fully ray traced lighting throughout — every light sources is now ray traced

  • Next-gen ray tracing and denoising

  • Next-gen temporal reconstruction technology

  • Per-pixel ray traced global illumination

  • Ray traced emissive surfaces with area shadows

  • Infinite number of ray traced light boundaries

  • Atmosphere and transparent surfaces receiving ray traced bounced lighting

  • Full ray traced lighting model support with color bleeding and for every light source

  • Advanced ray traced reflections

  • DX12 ultimate support (including DXR 1.1 and variable rate shading)

  • GPU FP16 support and thousands of optimized shaders

  • Support for DLSS 2.0

  • Addition of FOV (field of view) slider to main game options

*Remember you have to be a founder or priority member to access these enhancements.

Iron Harvest’s “Operation Eagle” DLC will be available on GeForce NOW day-and-date May 27. You can learn more about the update here.

App Update

The GeForce Now app is rolling out version 2.0.29 with several improvements. To get the full lowdown, check out the version 2.0.29 Release Highlights from the Settings pane in the app.

Reduced Load Times

One feature currently in testing with founders and priority members is preloading. This loads parts of your game before you arrive so your launch time will be faster. Members testing this feature should see sessions launch up to a minute faster from the moment they click play in the GeForce NOW app. Free members are not guaranteed preloaded sessions and may see slightly longer startup times.

Account Linking

To enable the benefits of preloading, they're also testing a new account linking feature which lets you play games without having to login into your game store account. Both the preloading and account linking features are currently enabled for Fortnite's PC build on GeForce NOW. They anticipate an expansion of these features to more GeForce NOW games in the future.

PC, macOS and Chromebook users can enable the new account linking features from a new tile on the My Library row in-app. This takes you to the Settings pane, where you can turn on account linking for Fortnite under Connections. Once complete, you won’t need to log in to your Epic Account to play Fortnite's PC build on any other supported GeForce NOW platform, and you’ll be eligible for preloaded sessions.

Search Results

They're also improving search results in the app to make managing libraries easier and get members in games faster. Searching for games to add to lIbraries will now return full page search results, providing easier access to the game’s details and a quicker way to add it to your library.

In-Game Overlay

If you’re playing GeForce NOW from a Chrome browser, they have recently added the in-game overlay. The overlay lets members configure many in-stream features, such as FreeStyle filters, network labels, microphone toggles and ending game sessions. To bring up the overlay, use Ctrl + G for PC and Chromebook, or CMD + G for macOS.

Finally, below are the games joining the GeForce NOW library this week.


Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 has been added to the Boosteroid Library. If you purchase the game on Steam you can stream it via Boosteroid now.

Amazon Luna

New on Luna

Narita Boy is now available to play with early access on luna. Grab your techno sword and dive in now.

New on Ubisoft+

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China is available on Luna via Ubisoft+. Early access users with a Ubisoft+ account can hop in and play right now.

Coming soon to Luna+:

  • The Wonderful 101: Remastered

  • Rogue Heroes: Ruin of Tasos

  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV

  • RAD

Amazon Luna are now accepting early access requests from users outside the US.

Shadow PC

After several months of looking for a buyer, Blade finally took its first steps toward a brighter future this week.

The French commercial court have ruled the company and it's Shadow service be sold to HubiC.

It has been confirmed that Octave Klaba has beaten off Scaleway to the purchase. Employees now know what to expect although it is reported some have already left. We know from previous reports that CTO Jean-Baptiste Kempf will be laid off as that was part of the deal proposed by Mr Klaba.

The transfer procedure is now initiated and could take a few weeks. The new team will need to focus on repairing the relationship with 2CRSi regarding the machines currently leased to Blade and powering the Shadow PC service.