Boosteroid News: 4 More Games This Week Including Highly Rated, The Ascent.

Three more games are now available for users to stream on Boosteroid this week. Massive hordes of orcs are waiting to be slain in Orcs Must Die! 3 and World War One trench warfare awaits in Verdun. There is a radioactive wasteland to explore in Chernobylite plus the brand new action-shooter RPG, The Ascent.

New Games On Boosteroid

> Orcs Must Die! 3 The long-awaited third instalment has finally arrived. The brand new campaign offers up a new story set 20 years after the second instalment. Exciting new game modes like War Scenarios has you face up against overwhelming waves full of oversized orcs. Huge new traps aptly named, War Machines, have been designed to help you layout dozens of orcs at one time. Play solo or 2 player co-op in the campaign and war scenarios plus new game modes like Endless Mode and Scramble will have you fighting your way up the leaderboards.

> Verdun Inspired by the 1916 WW1 Battle of Verdun, this is one of the first multiplayer first-person shooters set to the realistic backdrop of WW1. Your bayonet skills can be as vital as your rifle aim in the close quarters of trench warfare. Authentic weaponry with realistic physics, accurately designed uniforms, realistic gore effects and brutal artillery barrages will immerse you deep into the authentic World War 1 setting. Challenging team-based, tactical, skill-based and relentless game modes will keep you busy surviving trench warfare.

> Chernobylite A sci-fi survival horror RPG full of jump scares, exploration and base building. Taking on the role of Igor you will hatch a plan with your team to solve the mysterious disappearance of your fiancee, 30 years ago. First, you must assemble your base where you can craft the resources required for your missions. Team management and resource handling is key to getting the most out of your squad. Food provisions and comfort will go a long way to keeping morale high. Danger lurks all around you, human and otherwise.

> The Ascent Venture into a cyberpunk world where the massive corporation, The Ascent Group, who owns you and everyone else in it has collapsed. You take up the role of an enslaved worker on the day of the mega corporation’s collapse. Gear up for a fight, survive multiple enemies and out what started the chain of catastrophic events. Play through solo or with up to three friends in local or online co-op. Take advantage of destructible environments and customize your characters cyberware for the best chance of survival.

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