Best Capture Settings for Quest 2 VR Headsets

We recently posted a video showcasing the different ways to capture Quest 2 footage which you can see here:

Modified local recording was by far the best, so to get the settings we used you will need to follow the instuctions below, if you already have Sidequest installed you can just skip to the settings.

1 - Sidequest

  • Install SideQuest via the instructions on their page here

  • Plug the headset into your PC

  • On the SideQuest menu bar, click Run ADB Commands > Custom Command.

2 - Settings

Input the following commands one line at a time, and press Run Command after each setting and wait for the command run popup.

  • adb shell setprop debug.oculus.capture.width 1440

  • adb shell setprop debug.oculus.capture.height 1080

  • adb shell setprop debug.oculus.fullRateCapture 1

  • adb shell setprop debug.oculus.capture.bitrate 30000000

Once complete, you can unplug your headset and use the built-in Record Video function to capture higher quality video with the new settings.

Note: If you fully restart your headset or power off fully (not sleep mode) then you will lose the settings and have to repeat the steps above before you record again.

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