Amazon Luna News: DIRT 5, Saints Row The Third: Remastered, and Valkyria Chronicles 4 Coming in July

Amazon Luna dropped another blog post and we have 3 fantastic games coming to the Luna+ channel this month. Take control of the kings of Stillwater with remastered graphics, Command a squad through the Second Europan War in an acclaimed action strategy RPG and Navigate 70 routes and conquer hazardous terrain in a recent racing release. There is a downfall to playing one of these titles while Luna is in early access though.

Saints Row The Third: Remastered

This instalment has enhanced graphics and Steelport has never looked better. The third street gang have evolved from street gang to a household name and you take control of the saints at the height of their power in this one. The saints success hasn't gone unnoticed though, The Syndicate, a worldwide legendary criminal fraternity has turned it's eye on you. Take a tank skydiving, call in satellite-targeted airstrikes and fight off trained military forces singlehandedly in some crazy gameplay scenarios. No specific release date for this one on Luna so keep your eyes peeled for the day it drops onto Luna+ this July.

Valkryia Chronicles 4 Complete Edition

This acclaimed action strategy RPG will launch on Luna, July 8. The Second Europan War is underway and Commander Claude Wallace and the members of Squad E will take a leading role in Operation Northern Cross. Bone-chilling blizzards, waves of imperial soldiers, and the godlike powers of the Valkyria stand in your way. As commander, you will test your will against the bonds of your allies and the sacrifices all parties in war must make. Enjoy the power of commanding your squad and game experience as you move smoothly across sessions and screens. The Complete Edition delivers the full game plus all bonus content, providing add-on missions and unlockable rewards.


Coming to the Luna+ channel on July 15, DIRT 5 offers up the challenge of mastering over 70 routes, conquering the dynamic weather conditions and hazardous terrains across the globe. A vast array of car selection and near unlimited customization options awaits you with the livery editor. Gymkhana arena's return in this Codemasters instalment in the DIRT franchise. Unfortunately however, and this is the downfall I eluded to at the beginning of the article, online races, party games, time trial, playgrounds and RaceNet features are not available with this version as Luna currently doesn't support online services like this. It is set to come they say but we do not have a timeframe on this right now.

Overall, three very good games to have as part of your subscription. Amazon continue to build their Luna+ library while in early access but what we really want to know is when it will be extending beyond America? We don't need an exact date, just some sort of timeframe would be really good know.

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